Thursday, February 9, 2012

The See-Saw Effect

One of my favorite supplements to take is a Magnesium/Calcium powder that I put in a mug of hot water each evening and drink like a tea. The calcium in this is in a citrate form which is, in my opinion, the best absorbed form of calcium. To counter-balance it is magnesium (also in a citrate form).
Did you know that many minerals have a "see-saw" affect in the body? This means that if you take too much calcium, for example, magnesium levels will be depleted and vice versa. Calcium and magnesium work together just like a see-saw and the correct balance is needed. With so many people taking calcium supplements, poor magnesium is often left behind and this can have detrimental affects on the body. Almost all of our magnesium supplies come from the vegetable kingdom, although seafood has fairly high amounts. Most nuts, seeds and legumes have high amounts as do dark green vegetables, soy products and whole grains. Unfortunately magnesium, like other minerals, may not be present in high enough amounts in the soil that the plant is grown in. If this is the case, the plant will not have adequate amounts of this vital nutrient. As well, soaking and boiling foods can leach magnesium into the water (drinking this water can supply you with magnesium and other minerals). Magnesium elimination is increased in people who use alcohol, caffeine or excess sugar, or who take diuretics or birth control pills. For these reasons, and others, many people get insufficient magnesium from their diets. Magnesium helps me sleep! It also helps with leg cramps and muscle cramps in general. It is considered the "anti stress" mineral (which is probably the biggest reason I love it so much)! While calcium hardens things in the body - think teeth, bones - magnesium works to "soften" the muscles (remember, the heart is also a muscle)and helps things to run more smoothly (yes, like our bowels). It can help prevent kidney stones, PMS, hyperactivity, anxiety, fatigue, atherosclerosis, hypertension.... etc. etc. etc. It also is a great antidote to a hangover!


  1. I also use this product. It helps me sleep. I am prone to really bad leg cramps and the CaMg really helps (when I remember to take it!)!